How to get Temporary Guardianship of a minor child.?


1. Filing for temporary guardianship of a minor/ seeking custody of a child that is not yours. The first thing you need to do is locate your local Probate and Family Court. You can easily do this by looking online or in the yellow pages. Go to this
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yeah, good advice above from retiree. Contact your Juvenile & Domestic Relations courthouse. They probably will not give you legal advice but can steer you towards the right forms
The forms you require depends on whether you will be filing for guardianship of the minor's person only, or if you wish to be guardian of both their person and estate. I provided
I am sorry, but if California does not know what a Waiver of Jurisdiction is, or how it is to be used, then you are fighting an uphill battle against a flood. I don't think there
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Temporary custody forms authorizes an adult, other than the legal guardian, to take temporary guardianship of a minor child for a specified amount of time. There ...
Another word for guardianship is legal guardian. Guardianship means a person has the legal authority to care for the personal and property interests of a minor ...
1. Determine whether or not you will need permanent or temporary guardianship of the minor. Pursuing permanent guardianship will be a longer process because it ...
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