Free Answer Tones?


One can download a variety of free answer ringtones for their mobile phones. This can include funny tones such as ringtones that will say phrases such as 'Don't Answer It' when someone calls. It can also include tones that will have a funny voice telling you to answer the phone. The voice will continue repeating the words, answer the phone,until the phone stops ringing. Some of these websites will also allow a user to download free wallpapers to their phone.
Q&A Related to "Free Answer Tones?"
1. Open the AT&T AppCenter on your cellphone. Tap the AppCenter icon if you have a touchscreen phone. Navigate the menu using the arrow keys until the AppCenter is highlighted
Check out for free tones. They have many to choose fr...
Each Answer Tone costs $1.99 and requires a $0.99 monthly subscription fee. When accessing your account via MEdia™ Net, additional charges may apply. free
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