What is the freezing point of sugar water?


Every gram of solute particles that is added to 1 liter of water lowers the freezing point by approximately 28.65 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Oregon State University, so the freezing point of sugar water depends on how much sugar is added to the water. The more solute that is added to the water, the more concentrated the solution becomes, therefore the freezing point drops.

The boiling point of water is also affected by the amount of particles that are added to a solution. Additionally, when an ionizing solution such as salt is added, it lowers the freezing temperature twice as much as the sugar solution.

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Adding a substance such as sugar or salt to water or ice lowers the freezing point and increases melting of existing ice. This is why salt is spread on icy roads in wintertime.
It depends on how much sugar is in the water.
The presence of sugar does lower the freezing point of water. Freezing
The normal freezing temperature for pure water is 0c. However, as the additives are mixed in the pure water (in this case sugar), there will be a depression in freezing point (means
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