Freight Class List?


A freight class list helps a shipper or company determine how their item must be packaged and shipped. Specific weights and dimensions also play a part in how each shipment is classified. Freight is traditionally used to transport large items which cannot be moved by traditional mail or service like UPS.
Q&A Related to "Freight Class List?"
1. Calculate the density of the item. The density is the space the item occupies in relation to its weight. The density is calculated by dividing the weight of the item in pounds
1 Learn the things that will determine the freight class of your item, including loadability and handling characteristics, weight, density, and the product's susceptibility to damage
Plastic is density based so the class code can range from 50-400. the freight class for plastic parts is 92.5. nmfc # 156600. sub # 7.
The most comprehensive list is from the Department of Transportation through the Motor Carrier Census Information files. A condensed version of this can be found at.
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