Frigid Zone?


There is a North Frigid Zone and a South Frigid Zone. The North Frigid Zone is located north of the Arctic Circle. The South Frigid Zone is located south of the Antarctic Circle. These areas are the coldest places on the earth. They are generally covered with snow and ice year round. They experience six months of daylight and six months of dark. During the winter solstice the sun does not rise or set in a 24 hour period.
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how many countries are there in Frigid zone? what are they?
( ′sau̇th ′frij·əd ′zōn ) (geography) That part of the earth south of the Antarctic Circle.
frigid zone: the part of the Earth's surface forming a cap over a pole
Frigid Zones. (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) Archaic the cold region inside the Arctic or Antarctic Circle where the sun's rays are very oblique. Collins English Dictionary
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Animals in the Frigid Zone
Although the frigid zones, also known as the Arctic and the Antarctic, have very cold climates they are home to many interesting mammals and seabirds. More mammals live in the Arctic because they’re able to migrate across the land and the summers... More »
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