What is froggy style?


Froggy style is a sexual position. It is similar to the doggy style position except the women lays flat on the bed instead of on her hands and knees. The man enters the women from behind and bounces up and down like a frog. Froggy style can also be done by having the women face the man in a catcher position and bouncing up and down to achieve penetration or by the man laying flat on the bed (face down) and the women bouncing up and down on his butt.
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its doggy style not froggy; the girl on all fopurs (down on arms and legs like a dog) and the guy enters behind holding onto her back. think about it, pretty self explan.
what is this supposed to be? a sex position? u sick sick people.
Froggy Style is a woman on top position. Start by straddling your man. With a foot on
Must be 18: Froggy Style is a sexual position where woman is facing the man in a catcher like position bouncing up and down.
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