How to Select Party Games for Large Groups?


To select fun party games for large groups, consider the age of the participants. Treasure hunts will work for all age groups. Egg tosses, rope pulls and musical chairs work, as well.
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1. Help large groups of people get to know each other by playing a game of Secrets. Ask each guest to tell you a little known fact about themselves and compile them on a list with
Capture the flag.
I guess that throws out beer pong then, lol. No but seriously, you can , here's a few websites that have party game ideas.…. http:/
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Fun Party Games for Large Groups
Finding party games for a small circle of friends isn't difficult, but many games are poorly suited to large groups. The last thing you want at your party is to see your guests sitting around bored, waiting for their turns to come around during a party... More »
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