What are fun things to do on your 21st birthday?


Take a bunch of shots. line up a huge table and have ppl slide you down the table on your back and have them pour shots down your hatch beer too all kinda sh*it and get high get drunk till you * puke. get some pussy live it up cause you only turn 21
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Fun Things to Do on a 21st Birthday
Reaching the age of 21 is the official milestone for becoming an adult in American culture. It is eagerly awaited for one particular privilege: the right to purchase and drink alcohol. Twenty-first birthdays can be enjoyed with or without alcohol, and... More »
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Plan a toga themed party. You can do a fashion show and costume contest. Award
I'm not a big fan of suggesting structured schedules for things like this. I won't list off places you need to go or precise things you need to see and do. Let your Vegas experience
Good gifts to give to a 21-year-old guy: sports gadgets, a watch, jewelry, cologne or maybe even a nice bottle of liquor to toast his birthday.
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There are several fun things one can do to for a 21st birthday. Some like to take a trip to celebrate this milestone birthday. Another fun thing to do for this ...
A 21st birthday poem for a daughter can be a very special thing. Write the poem in a way that expressed to your daughter how you feel about her. Personalize the ...
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