What is the function of a test tube?


A test tube is thin, cylindrical laboratory glassware for putting solutions when carrying out laboratory experiments. Their function is to hold chemical substances for mixing or heating. They also serve as temporary storage areas for chemicals to be used in chemical experiments.
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The function of test tubes is to provide a controlled environment for what ever you are doing inside the test tube. Most are used for chemical reaction because the glass test tubes
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1. Use tongs to grab your test tubes at the center. Wrap the tongs around the center, and hold firmly but not too tightly. 2. Keep the test tube angled away from you at all times,
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The Uses for Test Tubes
Test tubes are used primarily in science and medicine laboratories for the purposes of experimentation and testing. They come in various sizes, but usually hold 200 milliliters or less, and have the ability to store small samples of materials as well as... More »
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