What Is the Function of the Pericardial Sac?


The pericardial sac or pericardium is a double-layered membrane covering the heart as well as the start of the great vessels.. Its functions are to protect the heart from diseases from other organs, lubricates the heart, controls its dilation and motions and fixes it in medistenum.
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The pericardial fluid in the pericardium serve the same purpose as fluid within the brain membranes or within synovial membranes between the joints: protection. In the case of the
Pericardial fluid, in the pericardial sac, acts as
It cushions the heart and regulates temperature. It also protects the heart from damage.
The pericardial sac is essential in giving the heart free environment in which to move as it needs to.It's there because it's surrounded by lungs mediastinum and other thoracic structures
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