What are the functions of input devices?


Input devices refer to devices such as mice, keyboards, webcams and the microphone. Their main function is to allow the user to control the machine through data input. They are also a medium through which the user communicates with the computer.
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At the most basic level, an input device is for passing data to a computer system. The most basic forms of input commonly used with computers therefore include portable disk drives
Some input devices for computers include a keyboard, mice, joysticks, microphones, web cameras. The function of each should be self explanatory.
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The input devices ara. 1.keyboard. 2.mouse. 3.scanner. 4.track ball etc.
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Input Devices & Their Functions
Computer input is a constantly evolving field. The venerable mouse and keyboard system is still dominant in the desktop PC world, but touch screens have dominated mobile computing and other alternative input systems have found their way into specialty... More »
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