What is a funny talent show idea?


You can do the Napoleon Dynamite dance that he did at his school, that would be
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Fun Talent Show Ideas
Talent shows have succeeded in entertaining us for thousands of years. Whether on television, on stage or even in a kitchen, people seldom get tired of reveling in the talents of ordinary people. Thinking of putting together a talent show of your own? ... More »
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you can sing, you can dance, you can do a duet, you can play the guitar, you can play the piano, you can yodel, MAKING THE AUDIENCE LAUGH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!
Well. Some people can jump rope while sitting down on their butts, although that takes a while to learn. Dance routines while singing is getting old, so not that. Skits and plays
I can tell you the skit I did, and it turned out to be a big hit with the class and the teacher. This is called."..The driving lesson." Two people.....two chairs facing
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Coming up with an idea for a talent show act can be difficult if you have several talents. It is important that the talent you choose to showcase doesn't make ...
There are lots of creative talent show ideas out there. Some are pretty straightforward, such as a bad magic show where the participants do the worst job they ...
There are various ideas that would work in a talent show. They include magic acts, singing acts, dramatic monologues and dance routines. ...
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