How did galileo impact influence society?


he just did cause he smart
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Computers have impacted society in ways we never thought were possible! People in different countries are now able to communicate in real time. We are able to meet others and explore
In 1960, presidential candidates John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon participated in the first televised presidential debate. Interestingly, those who listened to the debate on the
The greater the population the more competition for resources. We already see this in the politics of water management. Who can have the water? Who owns the water? Is it fair for
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Galileo did impact society in many ways. For one, he showed there was a clear connection between the earth and the celestial bodies. He also revolutionized astronomy ...
Galileo made an impact on the world through his contribution to Physics and Astronomy. One of his greatest achievements is the enhancement that he has done to ...
Consumerism is a promotion of the consumers interest, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Consumerism may impact a society but bringing about a mass production ...
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