How to Give Up Parental Rights and Child Custody.?


1. File a petition with the court requesting that your rights be terminated. The forms required vary by state so you should consult a local lawyer or the courthouse. 2. Attend any counseling sessions that may be required. Some states require that the
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To get custody of a child you need to file a motion with the juvenille court. The motion should state all parties names and addresses. It should then include the childs name and birthdate
I will like to know, what rights a father that is 18 and illegal has, when the mother is 15,witch will make her under age.She is saying that she and her child molester father is moving
When parents divorce or separate, custody of any minor children (under 18 years of age) must be formally included in the legal papers filed with the court. Details of child c
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A child can give his own custody to someone other then the biological family if the child is of age which is eighteen and or if the child has been separated from ...
You can always go back to court with a lawyer to regain some sort of custody agreement, visitations and such. Yes, you can go back to court for this. But it ...
In Ohio, if your child is given to another party under temporary custody, then the natural parents still have rights as a parent. The natural parents can have ...
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