What is the contact information for Grand Hustle Records?


To get more information about Grand Hustle Records you can contact the company at 404 522-8383 (as of 2013). The company is a record label based in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded in 2003 by T.I. and Jason Geter. Currently, it is a subsidiary of Warner Music Group and Atlantic Records distributes for them. Artists who have recorded with Grand Hustle Records include B.o.B., Young Dro, Travis Scott, and Killer Mike to name a few.
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1. Make sure you’ve got the talent to join a prime time rap label like Grand Hustle. Work on your lyrics, flow, and musical composition. Be very self critical and solicit as
Grand Hustle Records currently has several successful artists, their most popular being T.I. Grand Hustles lesser known artists include C-Rod, Mac Boney, Big Kuntry King, Young Dro,
Grand Hustle Records is an Atlanta, Georgia-based record label formed in 2003 by
Grand Hustle is an Atlanta, GA-based record label formed in 2003 by Clifford "T.I." Harris and Jason Geter.
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