What cheese can one substitute for Gruyere?


Comte would be a very good substitute. Other than that, a cheddar or similar.
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Gruyere Cheese Alternative
Originating from the countryside of Switzerland, Gruyere cheese is well-known for its nutty flavor and wonderful melting capabilities. Though it's found in many cheese specialty shops and supermarkets, many home chefs do not keep Gruyere cheese on hand.... More »
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Gruyere cheese is a hard yellow cheese from Switzerland. It comes from cow's milk. Today Gruyere cheese is known as Swiss cheese. Although the French Gruyere cheese has holes, the
In order of preference: Look for some "Aged Swiss Cheese" or Emmenthaler cheese or any Swiss cheese. They'll work and taste better in the soup than Gruyere. I know Gruyere
Emmentaler or Jarlsberg or raclette or Swiss can be substituted for
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There are several good Gruyere cheese substitutes. Cheeses that can take the place of Gruyere in a recipe include Gouda and Swiss cheese. They are strongly flavoured ...
Comte would be a very good substitute. Other than that, a cheddar or similar. ...
Consider emmental (which is sweeter and more acidic) raclette, which is stringy and stretchy when melting or comte which is sweet, with a slight crunch of salt ...
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