Hair Turned Orange?


Dying your hair can cause it to turn orange. Changing the color of your hair from brown to blonde is the most common cause of hair turning orange. To get rid of the orange color, you can buy a toner for your hair. This will help take the orange color out of your hair.
Q&A Related to "Hair Turned Orange?"
1. Mix about half a cup of lemon juice with half a cup of vinegar for very long hair. For medium to short hair, halve or quarter the recipe. Add enough ground cinnamon to form a thin
blonde hair has been known to turn orange when it is washed with well water, which is more likely to have rust in it.
Do you have natural red hair? Sometimes when crossed with contaminated water, red
1 Consider if you will need to lighten your hair first. If your hair is darker than the type of orange you are planning to go, you may need to bleach your hair to a lighter colour
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