Hairless Men?


There can be a number of reasons as to why a man might be hairless. Some men just don't grow hair. Other men like to shave their hair off for many reasons. Someone that swims will shave their hair off so that they can get a faster speed in the water. A poll done by the Skin Health Alliance in December of 2012 found that more men are going through the process of removing their hair. Some will go as far as removing all the hair and some just like to trim it up.
Q&A Related to "Hairless Men?"
I question the premise of the question. I've known a lot of security/intel guys who were bald. I've know a lot more whose hair was shorn so closely that they might as well have been
looking at this question objectively and asking the question: why are some women attracted to hairless men? One might step back and assess what types of adult males are naturally
It's a trend. Personally, I prefer a waft of hair here and there on a man.
I wouldn’t say that most runners are shaving their legs. But because it’s a very demanding sport some keep them smooth for the same reasons as other male athletes: keeping
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