What is a Hairline Fracture?


A hairline fracture is an incomplete fracture of the bone that occurs after repeated stress to the bone. It results in a small splintering of the bone and often occurs in the weight-bearing bones.
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A pelvic hairline fracture, sometimes referred to as a stress fracture, is a tiny break in an area of the pelvic bone caused by overuse, repetative motion or high impact exercise.
heat/swelling in the area of fracture and pain.
n. A minor fracture in which the bone fragments remain in alignment, appearing on x-ray film as a fine line.
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A hairline fracture is also called a stress fracture. These types of fractures are most common among athletes. The fracture comes from prolonged or unusual stress ...
A hairline fracture refers to a minor separation of two bone fragment due to stress in which the bone fragments are maintained in the alignment. The bones appear ...
A hairline fracture in a leg is more commonly called a stress fracture. They are called a hairline fracture because it is such a small break. Hairline fractures ...
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