What is the capacity of a hard disk?


the capacity is 2.5 GB i think not sure check some where else though.
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Partitioning is the act of separating the total available storage space of a hard drive into sections. This increases storage capacity and improves overall performance in a number
You format your hard drive on a PC by going to (My) Computer and right-clicking on Drive C and choosing Format. This erases all the content and software -- including your operating
Each hard drive has a fixed amount of magnetic material which can hold a fixed amount of data. The drive is typically named with the amount of data the drive can hold, such as 140gb
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A typical hard disk has a capacity ranging between 10 and 40 gigabytes, although this value could be higher in newer computers. Other hard disc capacities include ...
ram 256Mb will just run windows XP so at a guess you got a 20Gb hard drive? "Sub" being the operative word, not quite a notebook? ...
A hard disk (or a hard drive) is capable of many different storage capacities, depending on the brand and computer it is compatible with. Standard Windows-based ...
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