What should you do if a head bump results in a goose egg?


According to KidsHealth, if a child or an infant has an injury resulting in a goose egg and loses consciousness, even momentarily, a doctor should be called. In addition, if the child continues to cry, complains of head or neck pain, is vomiting repeatedly, difficult to awake or not walking normally, a doctor's call is in order.

The Virtual Pediatric Hospital recommends treating less serious injuries at home by placing ice on the bruise or goose egg. Placing the ice in a sock or wrapping it in a washcloth prevents further tissue damage due to frostbite. The recommendations say to watch the child for the 24 hours immediately following the injury and call the doctor if there are any signs of internal injuries during this period.

Unless the doctor advises otherwise and the child's color and breathing are normal, it is okay to let him sleep. KidsHealth says, "There's no need to keep a child awake after a head injury."

While it is often difficult to when a child is injured, KidsGrowth.com reminds parents to keep their cool when an injury occurs. It is easy to fall into the blame game with the babysitter or other parent; however, accidents happen. A more positive approach is to avoid wasting this energy and using it to form a plan to prevent such accidents in the future.

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