How do you heal a swollen lip and face?


The treatment regimen required to heal a swollen lip and face depends on the cause of the swelling. If a lip or face is swollen due to a facial fracture, decongestants and steroids can help to minimize swelling of the face and sinuses, according to Swelling can also be alleviated with the application of ice packs to the affected areas.

Pain medication and antibiotics are often prescribed for facial injuries to minimize pain and prevent infection. If symptoms of swelling of the face and lips increase over time and do not respond well to medications and home care, warns that it is important to contact a medical professional as soon as possible to avoid serious complications.

Swelling of the lips and face can also be caused by a serious allergic reaction, according to the Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center. According to WebMD, hives are an allergic reaction that presents as red, itching welts of various sizes on the skin. Angioedema is an allergic reaction that presents as swelling underneath the skin around the eyes and lips. Allergic reactions can be triggered by medications, certain foods and exposure to materials such as latex. It is important to seek medical attention immediately in the event of an allergic reaction, as the swelling can quickly spread to the throat, blocking the airway, according to WebMD. Allergic skin reactions are typically treated with antihistamines.

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1 For the first couple of days your lip may be very swollen. It's best to keep it very clean. Do not use rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol may worsen it, leading you to seek medical
1. Moisten the rag with water. Lay the rag out flat. 2. Place four to eight ice cubes into the moist rag.
You can't really "heal" it your self. It takes time for the swelling to go down. Mine took about 1-2 weeks.
get ice or whatever really cold and just place it where you have been biting for maybe an hour or so maybe a little more, after a while the swelling will disappear as well as the
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