Height of Football Goal Post?


In American and Canadian football, the goalpost crossbar is 10 feet above the playing field and 18 feet, 6 inches wide. There isn't a standard height for the uprights on either end of the crossbar, however – only a mandate that they extend at least 30 feet above the crossbar. That makes the total height of the goal, from ground to the top of the upright, at least 40 feet, though it may be taller. The NFL rulebook defines the goal as the plane formed by the crossbar and the outer edge of the uprights, extending upward indefinitely.

In the UK, professional football (or soccer) goal posts are 2.44 metres (8 feet) tall and 7.32 metres (24 feet) wide.
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The goal post must be a minimum of 20 feet above the crossbar and the crossbar is 10 feet above the ground, so that would make the top of the goal post a minimum of 30 feet above
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NFL & NCAA goal posts are 10 feet high & 18 feet, 6 inches
There is only a minimum on the length of the uprights. It is 20 feet above the crossbar. They uprights can into infinity, but 20 feet is the minimum.
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