What is Hephaestus' symbol?


Hephaestus symbol includes fire, an axe, a pincers and a hammer. Hephaestus is know as ' Vulcan' in Roman mythology, and is known by all as the god of fire.
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It is a anvil, fire, or tongs.
Hephaestus was the god of fire and the forge (a furnace in which metal is heated).
Because when Hera threw Hephaestus off Mount Olympus, Thetis and Eurynome cared for him and hid him. Hephaestus stayed with them (and set up his forge temporarily) in the source-cave
Symbols of Hephaestus Fire, the axe, the pincers and the hammer
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Hephaestus' symbol was not one but a combination of symbols. His symbols included Tongs, Hammer, and an Anvil. His parents were Zeus and Hera. He is the Roman equivalent of Vulcan.
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