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To log in to the Hi5 website, a person needs a password that he or she could use along with his or her email address. In 2012, the hi5 site was changed over to a new site called Tagged. In April 2013, Tagged advertised that it had 20 million unique monthly users and more than 300 million members worldwide. It stated that it made 2.4 million matches per day with its Meet Me feature. Tagged was established in 2004 and is based in San Francisco, CA.
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nee,maar ik wil wel van die flauwe kul af.
try using internet explorer or netscape to log in or you might have block the website in firefox or kaspersky security.....unlock it you are good to
I wish I can help you out Bridgette but since you've lost your email address and your password we would need some extra information: Please provide us this your profile ID number
I do but not frequently as I have many websites to monitor and many things to do. I frequently post updates on Twitter but not every time. I am a student and therefore I get very
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