What height was the highest sea wave?


According to Livescience, the highest waves in the ocean tower at over 550 feet. They typically happen in the South China Sea's Luzon Strait, and these waves rarely break the surface of the water.

These huge waves are called internal waves and happen throughout the world's oceans.

Scientists claim that the waves push high volumes of nutrients, heat and salt around the ocean, so they must understand the waves and how heat is transferred around the ocean in order to model the Earth's overall climate. They say the ocean is divided into two sections, one of cold, salty water that is dense and below this is another layer of hot, less salty water. The internal waves mix up these two layers, which helps remove heat from the shallow ocean near the surface.

These waves seem to develop when they push over the two seafloor ridges present in the Luzon Strait. The waves form as a result of the disturbance and create a standing wave. The entire double-ridged system creates these mammoth waves.

A series of extremely high waves of up to 95 feet on the surface of the ocean west of Scotland were recorded in February 2000 after a strong storm in the Atlantic.

Rogue waves on the ocean's surface sometimes occur during strong winds and strong sea currents, and records show the height of these range from 60 feet to 112 feet.

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The 1958 Lituya Bay megatsunami was the biggest tsunami with a record height of 524 m (1742 ft).
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