Hometown Buffet Prices?


Hometown Buffet often offers promotions that make the prices of the restaurant cheaper. A free drink or free kid's meal are some examples of what they offer from time to time.
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Our prices vary from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Please check with the
its around $12 for dinner which is all day sunday from 1130-close. Breakfast is like $8 from 830 -1130. Children are 65 cents times their age. I work there.
For breakfast, your best bet is either a poached egg, which has 70 calories, or a spoon of scrambled eggs, with about 120 calories. You can add one spoon each of sauteed bell peppers
Carey Price's hometown is Anahim Lake in British Colombia.
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HomeTown operates 168 locations throughout the United States, variably known as "Old Country Buffet" or "Country Buffet," in addition to the flagship name… More>>
The price for HomeTown Buffet is not listed online. Prices and menu selections vary by location. HomeTown Buffet has a helpful location finder on their website so that you can choose a location and call the available phone number for prices.
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