Hometown Buffet Prices?


Hometown Buffet often offers promotions that make the prices of the restaurant cheaper. A free drink or free kid's meal are some examples of what they offer from time to time.
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Our prices vary from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Please check with the
its around $12 for dinner which is all day sunday from 1130-close. Breakfast is like $8 from 830 -1130. Children are 65 cents times their age. I work there.
1. Have an entrée. There are several entrées you can enjoy that have less than 100 calories, including Beef Liver and Onions, Hand Breaded Fried Chicken Drumstick, Traditional
Carey Price's hometown is Anahim Lake in British Colombia.
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HomeTown operates 168 locations throughout the United States, variably known as "Old Country Buffet" or "Country Buffet," in addition to the flagship name… More>>
The price for HomeTown Buffet is not listed online. Prices and menu selections vary by location. HomeTown Buffet has a helpful location finder on their website so that you can choose a location and call the available phone number for prices.
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