Where can you look up a house's history by its address?


A person can often find the history of what went on in their house by plugging their address into a newspaper database. This will bring up any significant information regarding the home. This search may include deaths and information about those who use to reside in the home. A person can also check with their realtor before the purchase of a home. They are often provided with details about the former owner of the home.
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1. Visit the county clerk's office to obtain records and other documents related to real estate and personal property transactions in your county. If a previous homeowner had a lien
1 Go to the local municipality's planning department or similar planning authority. Ask to see all the records kept on your house. In some cases, be prepared to see things on microfiche
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How to Search for the History of Your House by the Address
Rumors of mysterious hauntings or just an innocent curiosity may spark a thorough investigation of your home. You can learn the names of previous owners, improvements made on the house and the value of your home when it was built. For an older home,... More »
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