How are organisms in the Bacteria and Archaea domains similar?


They are both prokaryotes. They are both unicellular.apex)
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Archaea and bacteria are quite similar
1. Determine the type of environment the bacteria were discovered. Archea are extremophilic, and are almost exclusively found in extremely inhospitable environments, whether they
Eukarya (further divided into Kingdoms) Protists (ameoba) Plants (daisy) Animals (human) Fungi (mushroom) Bacteria (Kingdom) Monera (streptococcus) Archea (little is known about Archeabacteria
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The organisms Bacteria and Archaea are similar in the following ways. They are both comprised of a single cell, void of a true nucli. Each of these organisms have ...
There are many different characteristics when comparing the domains Archaea and Bacteria. However, they also have similarities. For example, they have some similar ...
The categories of classification are Eukarya, Bacteria and Archaea. Eukarya contains multi-cellular organisms while bacteria are uni-cellular prokaryotes and archaea ...
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