How big is a hummingbirds egg?


A hummingbird egg measures about a centimeter along the major axis.
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A hummingbird's egg is less than half an inch long -- half the size of a jellybean.
The hummingbird eggs are white and less than half an inch long, like the size of small jelly bean/pea.
Hummingbirds come in different sizes and varieties. The Giant hummingbird weighs almost 20 ounces whereas the smallest hummingbird, the Bee weighs less than 3 ounces.
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There are many different species of hummingbirds. A couple of the better known are the Ruby Throated, and the Rufous. The females are larger than the males. Males ...
The eggs hummingbirds lay vary in size. They are usually less than half an inch long and are white in color. ...
1. Place the hummingbirds in an aviary large enough "to hold the desired breeding pair as well as the non-breeding hummingbirds, says conservation biologist ...
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