How can I clean a red brick fireplace hearth?


To clean a red brick fireplace hearth, first lay dropcloths on the floor around the fireplace. Fill a bucket with a mixture of hot water, bleach and dish soap. Dip a scrubbing brush in the mixture and scrub the hearth starting from the top and working across and then down. When you are done scrubbing, pour the mixture down the drain and fill the bucket with clean water and scrub the hearth again with the clean water. Then wipe the heart down with a wet cleaning rag. Let the hearth air dry when you are finished.
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How Can I Clean a Red Brick Fireplace Hearth?
A red brick fireplace is a traditional home addition that provides a cozy feel to the room while also providing warmth during cold winter months. When burning wood in the brick fireplace, soot and smoke residue darken and soil the fireplace, requiring a... More »
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