How Can I Make Adderall Work Better?


The single best way to make Adderall work better is to take it as prescribed. Many users only take it when they feel they need it, which decrease the effects of the drug. It is also best not to eat right before or after taking a dose, since this will decrease how much is absorbed by your body. You need to keep your body healthy to get the best results. Get plenty of sleep, eat a healthy diet, and exercise on a regular basis. Energy drinks can provide a short term increase in effectiveness, but you shouldn't do this very often.
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How to Make Adderall Work Better
For Adderall takers who need a bigger kick from their medication, the best solution is a longterm one rather than a quick fix. Adderall is a prescription medication commonly used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy.... More »
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I have learned in my pharmacology class that there are methods you can use to make your medications work better. One way you can make Adderall work better is to take it at the same time everyday. This will ensure your blood level of the medication stays steady.
Adderall works better when you eat an hour before taking the prescribed pill and had a good nights sleep. Wait two hours after eating before taking it. Drink lots of water.
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