How Did Atlantis Sink?


Atlantis is believed to have sunk when a wave flooded it. Ancient maps show Atlantis. On the floor of the ocean of the Bahamas buildings have been discovered, among other artifacts. You can find more information here:
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Answer It sank under the North Atlantic Ocean at around 1600 B.C. due to some natural disasters .But that's not all; Atlantis had a (supposing) hidden secret. Some say that it is
Atlantis is the mythical island supposed to have lain off the coast of Western Europe in the Atlantic Ocean. Stories about Atlantis have been with us since ancient times, but today
I don't think anybody knows for sure, I feel it's a mix of 'provoked' natural disasters, due to their own greed and want of power. They basically self-destructed themselves and the
In the legend of Atlantis, the Greek god Poseidon was angry with the Atlantisans for
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The legend says only that Atlantis sank into the ocean in a single day sometime around 9600 B.C. Most think it was a natural disaster of some type. We do not know if the story of Atlantis is true, or if it is, what happened to it, or even where it was. You can find more information here:
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