How did the pirate Blackbeard die?

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Edward Teach died on November 22, 1718.
Edward Teach (or Thatch) was Blackbeard the Pirate, an infamous prowler of the waters off the southeastern coast of the American colonies from around 1713 to 1718. Not much is known about his early life, but by 1717 he was well-known along the coast of t... More>> · More images »
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Blackbeard & Maynard met in personal combat. Maynard soon after decapitated
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According to National Geographic, Blackbeard, whose real name was Edward Teach, fought his last battle on Nov. 22, 1718. Lieutenant Maynard and his men encountered Blackbeard's ship, the "Adventure," anchored in Ocracoke Inlet in North Carolina. Blackbeard tricked the approaching ships into running aground on a sandbar, and then he unleashed a fearsome attack, killing a number of sailors and damaging the ships. Lieutenant Maynard ordered his men below decks, and when the pirates boarded the seemingly deserted vessel, the British sailors rushed the deck. After a brief, fierce battle, Maynard and his men emerged victorious. They hung Blackbeard's head on their ship's bowsprit and sailed back to Virginia.

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