How did Donald Trump earn his money?


Donald Trump didn't earn the money that got him started. He in fact inherited somewhere between $40 million and $200 million from his father. Having said that, Trump did take his father's organization and expanded it. He invested heavily in real estate. Trump was in deep financial trouble in 1990 and it was through an agreement with many banks that allowed Trump to take out mortgages on many of his properties as well as defer nearly $1 billion in debt.
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real estate.
Donald Trump made his money in Real Estate. Trump initially worked for his
Donald Trump, estimated net worth: $2.7 billion (£1.4 billion). Made his money through hotel and casino development in the mid 70's in Atlantic City.
Donlad Trump’s parents raised five children: Maryanne, Fred Jr. Elizabeth, Donald and Robert. Each of them, including the Donald, would eventually inherit about $35 million
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