How Did Gandhi Change the World?


Mohandas Gandhi changed the world by proving peaceful resistance could be effective in creating change. Gandhi was intent on independence for India and he faced down the British with non-violent protests and speeches. His model of non-violent resistance became a model for other men with causes including Martin Luther King, Jr. Gandhi led a movement of non-cooperation that started in 1920. The movement called for the boycott of British traditions and goods and included a 250 mile march of thousands of Indians led by Gandhi. India gained its independence in 1947.
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by fighting for independence, civil rights, peaceful resistance, and etc.
1. Read about the lives of great leaders. Dr. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi are a good start. Also check out "How to Change the World" by David Bornstein. It tells
The glasses of Gandhi have a fascinating history. Gandhi bought his first pair in 1890s when he was in London. However, he did not use them extensively and they were more of an accessory
Mohandas Gandhi led campaigns for easing poverty, expanding
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