How did Jos� Rizal became a national hero?


Jose Rizal became a national hero of the Philippines as a reformist who advocated peacefully for liberty rather than through violent means. He was a forerunner of Gandhi and along with Sun Yat Sen and Tagore, the thought climate was changed throughout Asia. His work and the work of others led to the attrition of colonialism. While Rizal was non-violent, his writing that showed the great disparity of his day was partly responsible for the Philippine Revolution. The writer Benedict Anderson said of Rizal that he inspired others with the importance of national identity.
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Rizal is our National Hero because he stands out among Filipino heroes. Many gave their lives and sacrificed their happiness and family to fight for an independent Philippines but
During rizals Time, we were still under the Spanish rule hence if there were any national heros it were all to be priased to the rling of Spain The only record i could find was this
be more specific.
Actually, it is said that the Americans were the one to proclaim him our national hero... He's kind of responsible for our freedom, for awakening our consciousness and brigning us
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