How did Old Yeller die?


Old Yeller dies as a result of contracting rabies. He becomes aggressive and his owner, Travis, is forced to shoot him. Old Yeller contracts rabies while trying to defend Travis's mother against the attack of a wolf.

"Old Yeller" is written by Fred Gipson. It is a heart-warming story of the love between a boy and his dog. Old Yeller receives his name because he "yells" every time anyone comes near him. Travis, the boy in the story, originally does not like Old Yeller. After pleas from his brother Arliss, he agrees to keep the dog. As the story unfolds, so does Travis's love for Old Yeller.

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Old Yeller contracted hydrophobia (rabies) from a rabid wolf that bit him when he was trying to defend Mama and Lisbeth. Travis had the difficult choice to either tie Yeller up and
Old Yeller contracts rabies protecting the family from a wolf, and has to be destroyed. He is
I thought they shot him in the head.
Filming Dates 28 January 1957 - May 1957 Copyright Holder Copyright MCMLVII Walt Disney Productions
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