How did women dress in the 1800s?


with gloves and hats.
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Most women wore very long dresses in the 1800s. They wore corsets and lace up boots. Many women worked in the mills and they also wore bonnets to keep their hair from getting in their
1. Wear white cotton gloves to protect the dress from the oils on your hands. 2. Gently unbutton and unhook the dress and put it on a mannequin. Button and hook the front and back
What a woman wore depended on her worth and who she was. Royalty wore long dresses, like gowns, that were made by someone who made dresses. Peasants or the very poor women wore dresses
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with gloves and hats. ...
with gloves and hats. ...
Women's dress in the 1800s were influenced by the Greek goddesses where skirts were less voluminous with high waists. Laces and frills were also minimal. A typical ...
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