How Do Cyclones Happen?


Cyclones are created by heated air and low pressure. When this happens, it becomes filled with moisture and forms into thunderclouds. As the thunderclouds meet cool air, it spirals upwards and the winds begin to rotate faster causing a cyclone. You can find more information here: http://library. thinkquest. org/10136/cyclones/cycltq. htm#how
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You don't. The weather phenomena known as cyclones (or their northern hemisphere counterparts, hurricanes and typhoons) cannot be stopped. People can only undergo preparations in
A cyclone dust collector is an enclosed, conical tube. Particle-filled air is pumped in at the top, above the wide end of the cone. As the air comes in at an angle, it moves down
warm and cold weather systems, just like tornadoes. the hot and cold dont mix so they cause a gyrating efect that creates a self sustaining cyclone.
Cyclones are low-pressure area in the atmosphere in which winds spiral inward, having the following two characteristics. The atmospheric pressure is lowest at the centre The winds
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