How Do Cyclones Happen?


Cyclones are created by heated air and low pressure. When this happens, it becomes filled with moisture and forms into thunderclouds. As the thunderclouds meet cool air, it spirals upwards and the winds begin to rotate faster causing a cyclone. You can find more information here: http://library. thinkquest. org/10136/cyclones/cycltq. htm#how
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Simple explanation: As warm, moist air over the ocean rises up from the ocean surface, there is less air left near the surface, and this causes an area of lower air pressure below
Who's to say they do? I would expect if they are caught in it they will die just like any person would. They have the advantage however of sensing changes in air pressure etc, so
Cyclonic winds move in a clockwise rotation and are associated with areas of low-pressure areas.
The first and major effect comes from the damaging winds. Flying debris also causes damage to trees, habitats, and can affect sewerage and sanitation systems. The sea level rises
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