How Do Earthworms Move?


Earthworms move by contracting their muscles which shortens and then lengthens their bodies. They also produce a slimy mucus to help with locomotion.
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Setae are bristles or hair-like structures that help attach the earthworm to the ground and create friction so if an earthworm is going down a hill, it would slide down but actually
Earthworms tunnel through the dirt and eat organic material that they find. While organic material can be vague, it applies to rotting fruit, old bread and a huge variety of other
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How Do Earthworms Move?
To understand how earthworms move, you must first understand their anatomy. Most earthworms in the United States are between three and 10 inches long. Their bodies are cylindrical, muscular and divided into small segments. No appendages protrude from the... More »
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