How Do Evergreens Stay Green All Year?


Evergreens mostly exist in the colder northern climates that have shorter hours of sunlight and much lower temperatures. Northern climates also have a shorter spring and summer than the southern hemisphere, which are the seasons when plants tend to
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How Do Evergreens Stay Green All Year?
There is nothing quite as cheerful in the middle of a cold, white winter as the sight of a pine tree still green despite the fact most other trees have lost their leaves. While deciduous trees offer a brilliant array of colors and falling leaves during... More »
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Evergreen trees (trees that keep their leaves year-round instead of losing
yes it does. It stays green all year round.
Reasons for being evergreen: In warm tropical regions, most rainforest plants are evergreen, replacing their leaves gradually throughout the year as the leaves age and fall, whereas
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Evergreens originated in cold Northerner climates. In order to adapt to the colder climate with not as long of a growing period and water that is not always in ...
The only leaves which do not stay green are generally the deciduous ones. They shed their leaves during the autumn to prepare themselves from the cold and harsh ...
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