How Do Fish Lay Eggs?


Some female fish scatter their eggs throughout the water and the male fish then fertilizes them. Other females attach their eggs to rocks or wood and the male fish fertilizing them as they are layed.
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1. For smaller fish, such as brook trout or chinook, use a single egg. Pierce one edge with the hook. 2. Push the egg up the shank then turn it so the egg sits over the hook, usually
Most lay them on leaves so that when the catipillars are hatched, they have leaves to munch on. Some lay them on water too, depending on the type of butterfly. Aas for the actual
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How Do Fish Lay Eggs?
Many aquarium fish, including mollies, guppies and swordtails, bear live young but most species lay eggs. Spawning strategies to ensure that at least some eggs survive predators long enough to hatch vary widely. Some fish count on safety in numbers,... More »
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There are all types of ways fish can lay eggs. Here are a few examples, some lay eggs in the water next to a rock or tree. The eggs stick to these surfaces then the male goes behind the female and then fertilizes the egg. There is also the bubble method where the process above with the male and female happen but then the male will blow bubbles at the eggs and the eggs are secured inside the bubbles.
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