How to File a Lien Against a Defendant's Property.?


1. Try to collect the judgment from the defendant. You should attempt to have the debtor voluntarily pay the judgment before placing a lien. 2. Hire a lawyer. If you are having problems collecting on a small-claims judgment, you should speak to a
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You would have to go to court and file a complaint and get a court date. The judge will decide if the complaint is warrant to a judgement and lien. Go to your local courthouse to
You must sue the owner in court and obtain a judgment lien that can be recorded in the land records. Then, the lien must be recorded properly: The sheriff must record the lien in
i need further clarifications: since you're talking about mortgage payments, is it safe to assume that you're loaning money to pay off mortgage installments on a real estate property
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To file a lien against a property, you must file a claim in court against the party you believe owes you. Once you obtain a certified copy of the judgment, you ...
To file a lien against a property, you need to file the documents in small claims court in the county where the property is. If the amount you are filing the lien ...
In California, a property lien can be used to collect a court judgment. In California, a judgment lien can be attached to the debtor's real estate, meaning a house ...
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