How to get rid of an earache?


You can use a warm compress to relieve the pain of an earache. If it is being caused by an infection, you will need to see your doctor for treatment.
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Earache Home Treatment
There are several steps you can take at home to reduce earache pain. They include: applying a cold washcloth to the ear, avoiding getting the ear wet, sitting upright to help relieve ear pressure , using over-the-counter ear drops (not if. . . More »
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1. Apply heat to your ear. Do this by using a hot water bottle, warm washcloth, hair dryer or a heating pad. Heat can soothe your ear and can help break up congestion and sinus pressure
"How do I get rid of an earache?" If you've got an earache, you probably feel desperate to find immediate relief. Earaches can be caused by multiple irritations. To effectively
To treat an earache try to cover your ear with a towel that's been moistened with warm
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To get rid of an earache, one needs to see a doctor, especially if this is chronic. A pain killer can temporarily relieve you of pain but it will not address the ...
One of the best ways to get rid of earaches is the use of witch hazel on a cotton ball and put into the ear not too far though. Another method would be to go to ...
Sweet Oil is a great home remedy to get rid of an earache. Usually an earache is caused by an infection and an antibiotic along with ear drops is required. ...
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