How to Register an Ipod.?


1. Visit Apple's registration page ( Click on the drop menu under the "Select your location" text, and scroll through the list of countries until you find yours. Click on your country, and proceed to the drop menu underneath
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The Ipods will come with a registration card that you need to fill out and send in. But if you do like most and throw the card away, don't worry about it. You go to the Apple Ipod
Answer If your iPod ever becomes lost or stolen, it may be handy to have the registration info in Apple's database for later access. Plus, it may save you some time if you ever need
Registering your ipod is good in case anything happens to it, if you have
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Knowing how to register an iPod online is a great way to register it quickly. The process is simple and doesn't take much time to complete. Registering is important ...
You can register your iPod and all other Apple computers and decvices at the company website. It is recommended that you register your iPod to get free tech support ...
Visit Apple's product registration page on their website. The info they need is pretty straight forward, starting with your location and language. ...
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