How to Sell Loose Gemstones.?


1. Locate a gemstone appraiser or a graduate gemologist and ask them to perform a formal appraisal of your gemstones. Query the American Society of Appraisers website to identify an accredited appraiser in your area. A graduate gemologist at a local
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Here is an excerpt and a couple of sites: There is not much added skills needed when trying to sell gemstones. Aside from the basic marketing skills, a knack and genuine interest
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Let's see if I can help. Kunzite is a more collectable gemstone. Depending on the carat weight, that would really determine the true price. Now, the thing is, dealers who are selling.well
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To sell your gemstones, try listing them on an online auction website. If you'd like to sell them locally, try opening up a booth at a flea market or place an ...
If you indeed have authentic gemstones that you would like to sell you can take them to a certified jeweler and inquire whether they would like to buy your gemstones ...
You can sell gemstones on the internet at auction sites and classified sites. You can also sell them at flea markets and gem and mineral shows. You can sell them ...
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