How do starfish obtain food?


They obtain food by using their legs' suction cups.
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Archaebacteria is part of the Prokaryote that resembles ancient bacteria. They have unique protein cell walls and cell membrane that use organic compounds such as acetate as food.
Marine biologists discovered the crown of thorns starfish in Australia, where it lives around the Great Barrier Reef. Its habitat ranges throughout all the tropical oceans and divers
Starfish send their stomachs to their food. Their insides come out and cover over
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Starfish are endangered. They face a threat from fishing by people who take them home as souvenirs and for food. Starfish also face endangerment through the high ...
The starfish is a type of echinoderm with a hard outer surface made of calcium carbonate. The starfish is in the middle of the food chain. They eat other animals ...
Starfish digest food through their stomach: the cardiac and pyloric. In the pyloric stomach digestive enzymes are secreted to help in the absorption of nutrients ...
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