How do Turtles Lay Eggs?


They dig a hole in the dirt or sand and lay their eggs in hole and then cover them up. They hatch on their own from the sun beating down on the earth.
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Turtles are slow-moving, egg-laying reptiles with an attached shell. Among the oldest living vertebrates, they came into existence over 200 million years ago. About 250 species inhabit
it lays its eggs in the sand on a beach or near water and leaves the eggs there when they hatch they got directly the the water.
Turtles lay eggs in sand and then they hatch due to sun light. Do you have other
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Turtles lay eggs in a natural continuing process that works much the same way as the human female reproduction system. The turtle lays its eggs when they are ready ...
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Each turtle lays 100 or more eggs, many of these eggs are dug out by scavengers and young turtles, that don't hatch are often eaten by predators. By laying so ...
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