How to Catch Shrimp?


Nighttime is the best time to catch shrimp. Buy a cast net and cast it into the water. When the net reaches the bottom, slowly bring it up. Look here for more information:
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1. Purchase a shrimp net. Visiting your local bait store can give you ideas of what you are looking for. You typically want a net with at least a 12 foot pole, at least 3 feet in
1 Buy a cast net. If you've never thrown a cast net, go to and watch a video on how to throw a cast net. The best place to practice is your own backyard because the grass
Catching shrimp consists of choosing a good cast net, casting it into the water, pulling out the cast, and then picking out the fish that you've caught and putting them in some ice.
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One way to catch shrimp is to shine a light on the water, fishing at night of course, wait for the shrimp to come to the surface, then catch them with a cast net ...
In order to catch shrimp you will need two things. The first is a good net usually a cast net. The second thing is the shrimp. Shrimp run in seasons and which ...
You can use a shrimp trap or shrimp pot to catch a shrimp. You will need a bridle with a length of leaded line which is substantially longer than the depth you ...
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